About the Workshop

You’ve had this dream for a while, haven’t you?

You’ve been carrying it around inside of you like secret. A dream that you hardly dare to say out loud.

We understand. We’ve been there. And we want this dream for you.

But life gets in the way, doesn’t it? Jobs, kids, responsibilities, and putting everyone else’s needs—and dreams—above your own.

Trust us, we get it.

We had big dreams, too. We were scared, clueless, and unsure. Worst of all, we wondered if we had what it took. Teaching, staying at home with kids, and navigating corporate America, we felt overwhelmed by dishes and diapers, to-do lists and errands.

But sometimes dreams are insistent, and we found that no matter how much we tried to be realistic, we couldn’t stop ourselves from wishing for a little magic. It took hard work and heartache, and we fumbled through on our own.

You don’t have to.

Let us help you take the next step.

Alchemy is an unparalleled experience. Our mission is that you’ll leave Alchemy overflowing with:

Expert Writing Advice

A Renewed Creativity

An Empowering Community of Fellow Writers

the tools you need to take the next step in your writing journey

practical tips about promotion and building a platform

And, you guys, this weekend is going to be a hoot (hoot: Midwestern for fun, exciting, thrilling, entertaining, and amusing). We can’t wait to see you there.